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Notice: If you are interested in using any of the images here, please contact Georgina Russell ([email protected]).

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The following rules must be applied at all times for any images from Anti-Slavery International:

  • The images may not be distorted in any way.
  • There is no permission granted for archiving, sale or transferring to third parties of any photographs.
  • Permission is granted for single use only unless otherwise agreed.
  • All images must be credited to Anti-Slavery International. Should the customer fail to credit the picture as specified, an additional 50 per cent of the original reproduction fee will be payable. Where the image has been loaned free of charge and the photo credit has been omitted, the client will be charged £40 for use of the image.
  • The images may not be used in any work that might conflict with their original purpose, i.e. to raise awareness about slavery.
  • When using Anti-Slavery International's images please think about the human rights abuses they illustrate and as such they should be used responsibly and with respect for the subjects depicted.
For further information on photographs contact Anti-Slavery International Press Office on +44 (0)20 7501 8934 or[email protected].